Super cheap Azure SQL Database

If you’re looking for a super simple, super cheap SQL Server database, for basic development or for a very lightly used production application, Azure offers their “Basic” instance for about $5 per month. It’s extremely limited, but if you’re looking to spare every dime, it’ll function. Developing .NET on a Mac or a cloud IDE […]

AWS Cloud9 IDE

AWS Cloud9 IDE is incredibly easy to set up, and is an affordable way to do some work outside of our normal development machine. If you have an AWS account already set up, building a Cloud9 machine just takes about 1 minute, and is immediately available for use. When you’re done, the EC2 instance will […]

Restore all Glacier objects in S3 bucket

If you’ve got an entire bucket in S3 with items in Glacier or Glacier Deep Archive storage class, and you want to restore them to download them, this C# code will restore all of the files. Just set the constant values at the top and it’ll go through the items one-by-one and submit a restore […]

Uploading block blobs to Azure from Cyberduck

Cyberduck, which is a ridiculously awesome file transfer and storage browser application, has a little quirk that caught me off-guard. When uploading to Azure, it writes append blobs by default instead of block blobs, and personally, I only need block blobs. There’s no actual setting in the app, but after a bit of help, and […]