SQLite In-Memory Database

SQLite has an option for running completely in-memory, rather than using a local file on disk. This may be perfect for doing one-time data manipulation or other short-term tasks. Just use :memory: instead of the database filename, and you’ll get the in-memory database. Or use an empty string, to use memory only, but a temporary […]

SQLite AutoIncrement

One of the interesting things in SQLite is the ROWID column, which is a special column created on all tables (with some exceptions) by default. This can be an alias for a defined column, as long as that columns is an INTEGER primary key column, or it can act as the primary key by itself. […]

SQLite in .NET

SQLite is a great database when you don’t need the benefit of a full server-based database. You can use it in desktop or mobile applications, for small or medium sized web applications, or anywhere else you can think of. It’s simple, but still has a rich feature set. Some of its behavior is a little […]